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Need to verify the quality of your incoming material? Need to certify your first article inspections? Metaltest is the answer for both issues. Whether you produce machined parts for aerospace, for nuclear power stations, automotive applications or general manufacturing, the materials used must meet your customer, industry or government specifications.


A Metaltest Certified Analysis upon receiving inspection is how you prove they do. But just proving the materials used meet specifications is only half the battle. You must also demonstrate the integrity of the finished products. Did your EDM process affect the hardness of the finished product? Did the grinding process ruin the temper of the metal used? Was the finishing thickness uniform across the entire part-even in blind holes? We can tell you.


Detailed Analysis.
You'll receive more than just a pass/fail report. You'll receive detailed, actionable data. So if our results do show that your processes adversely affect the metal, the detailed data you receive will help you discover the causes of the problem. 


Lost Traceability
Keeping track of materials in the warehouse can be a problem. Materials are not returned to the correct location, or old material is not properly logged. If you're not sure of the exact nature of the metal you've got on hand, we can analyze it and tell you exactly what you have. 


Quick Turnaround
Of course, when you need the results of a test in order to continue work on a part, you need those results as quickly as possible. That's why we've designed this site to give you the fastest possible service. With our online ticketing system, you can order your test, print out the paper work and be ready to ship your specimens in a matter of minutes. When we receive your specimen, we'll have everything we need to get it right into testing. And you'll be able to track it from any web browser. It's kind of like having an in-house lab. 


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Applicable Specifications
AS 9100
All Aerospace Specifications
All Nuclear Power Specifications
Industry Approvals

Metaltest Accreditations

Materials Testing

Scope of Approvals

Aerospace Approvals

Metaltest is OEM approved to perform military and commercial aerospace testing for a wide range of prime contractors including:

  • Boeing
  • Bombardier
  • Cessna
  • Goodrich
  • Gulfstream
  • Hawker Beechcraft
  • Sikorsky

Nuclear Approvals

Metaltest is NQA-1 Compliant for nuclear power testing. Our clients include:

  • ABW Technologies 
  • Alaskan Copper

Industry Associations

Metaltest holds memberships in the following industry associations:

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