Nuclear Power Industry

Are you an NQA-1 certified supplier or fabricator for the Nuclear Power Industry? Metaltest is trusted by other NQA-1 approved companies to perform their metallurgical, mechanical, chemical and corrosion testing. You can depend on us too.

We know that when it comes to providing materials and systems to nuclear power stations, the results of our tests will affect the lives of thousands of power consumers. We take that responsibility seriously.

We have a broad knowledge of the corrosion resistant alloys used in nuclear facilities. That gives us additional insight that other labs may not have when it comes to testing these materials.


A Metaltest Certified Analysis gives you and your customer assurance that your parts and processes conform to customer and government specifications. What's more, instead of a simple pass/fail report, you'll receive detailed, actionable data that will help you improve processes, and resolve failures.


Try Us First
We know you need confidence in our lab before trusting us with your nuclear testing business. So, we invite you to try us out with your non-nuclear projects. You'll experience first hand the level of customer service and professionalism our staff provides. Then, you can be confident in sending us your nuclear power related business.


On-Site Audits
Of course, before you can use our services for your nuclear customers, you'll need to do your own on-site audit of our lab. We understand that, and we're ready for you, any time. Call us at 800-200-1376 to schedule an audit. 


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Applicable Specifications
Industry Approvals
ABW Technologies
Alaskan Copper

Metaltest Accreditations

Materials Testing

Scope of Approvals

Aerospace Approvals

Metaltest is OEM approved to perform military and commercial aerospace testing for a wide range of prime contractors including:

  • Boeing
  • Bombardier
  • Cessna
  • Goodrich
  • Gulfstream
  • Hawker Beechcraft
  • Sikorsky

Nuclear Approvals

Metaltest is NQA-1 Compliant for nuclear power testing. Our clients include:

  • ABW Technologies 
  • Alaskan Copper

Industry Associations

Metaltest holds memberships in the following industry associations:

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