Aluminum Corrosion

Aluminium corrosion testing shows the susceptibility of the tested sample to intergranular attack, pitting and/or exfoliation corrosion. Accurate measurements of the susceptibility to corrosion of a particular material allows engineers and manufacturers to ensure the material will perform to specified parameters. 


Corrosion testing can be performed to a variety of specifications and or customer requirements. Most often, testing is done by immersion in solution. Corrosive immersions may be either acidic or basic, and will last anywhere from 6 to 96 hours. Once the immersion cycle is complete, the sample is analysed by visual inspection or mass loss evaluation.


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Types of aluminum corrosion testing performed at Metaltest:


  • ASTM G110 - Evaluating Intergranular Corrosion Resistance of Heat Treatable Aluminum Alloys by Immersion in Sodium Chloride Plus Hydrogen Peroxide Solution. 
    • 2xxx series – 6 hour test.
    • 7xxx series – 6 hour test
  • ASTM G67 - Determining the Susceptibility to Intergranular Corrosion of Aluminum Alloys by Mass Loss After Exposure to Nitric Acid (NAMLT Test)
    • 5xxx series – 24 hour test.
  • ASTM G66 - Visual Assessment of Exfoliation Corrosion Susceptibility of Aluminum Alloys (ASSET Test)
    • 5xxx series – 24 hour test
  • ASTM G34 - Exfoliation Corrosion Susceptibility (EXCO Test)
    • 2xxx series – 96 hour test
    • 7xxx series 48 hour test.
Applicable Specifications

Metaltest Accreditations

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Scope of Approvals

Aerospace Approvals

Metaltest is OEM approved to perform military and commercial aerospace testing for a wide range of prime contractors including:

  • Boeing
  • Bombardier
  • Cessna
  • Goodrich
  • Gulfstream
  • Hawker Beechcraft
  • Sikorsky

Nuclear Approvals

Metaltest is NQA-1 Compliant for nuclear power testing. Our clients include:

  • ABW Technologies 
  • Alaskan Copper

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Metaltest holds memberships in the following industry associations:

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