Alloy Depletion

Alloy depletion analysis reveals the depth of decarburization in steels. The depth of decarburization is the thickness of the layer in which loss of carbon has a significant effect on the properties that affect the functioning of the final component. The limit of this layer can be expressed as a Knoop hardness level and/or a carbon content.

Alloy Depletion


Metallographic examination will reveal the depth of the decarburized layer. The following photo shows an example of complete decarburization of a 4130 steel with ferrite of the surface.  The Knoop indents show the difference in hardness levels as a result of the loss of carbon.


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Unless otherwise specified, alloy depletion analysis is performed according to MIL-H-6875 Heat Treatment of Steel


Hardness levels are determined according to ASTM E384 Micro Indentation Hardness of Materials. 


Carbon Content levels are determined according to ASTM A751 Chemical Analysis of Steel Products.

Applicable Specifications
Alloy Depletion Analysis is done according to OEM and industry specifications.

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