Welding Companies

Welders depend upon Metaltest to provide testing for both procedure and performance qualification.

We offer qualification testing for aerospace, nuclear power, pressure vessel construction and general manufacturing.

Now you can offer your customers independent verification that your welding was done per their specifications. We offer a variety of tests, including: root bend, face bend, side bend, tensile testing, macro-etch evaluation, metalurgical evaluations and impact testing. All of our testing is done to industry and customer specifications.

A Metaltest Certified Analysis is more than just a pass/fail report.

Each analysis gives you detailed data that you can use to improve your welding processes or identify the causes of a failed test. This kind of data can help your welders develop better technique.

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Industry Approvals
All Listed Aerospace Contractors
All Listed Nuclear Contractors
Applicable Specifications
AWSD 1.1 (Steel)
AWSD 1.2 (Aluminum)
AWSD 1.4 (Reinforcing Steel)
AWSD 1.5 (Bridges)
AWSD 1.6 (Stainless Steel)
AWSD 2.1 (General)
ASME Sec-9 (Boiler & Pressure Vessel)
AWSD 17.1 (Aerospace Welding)
MIL-STD-1595 (Aerospace)
MIL Std 248 (Naval Sea Spec)

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