Microhardness - Knoop & Vickers

Microhardness testing reveals the hardness of the material on a microscopic level. Generally used to verify heat treating, microhardness tests may be performed on the surface of the material or on...

Microhardness testing may be used to check the case depth of case hardened steel, or to verify the effectiveness of other heat treating processes. Because the indenters used are much smaller than either Rockwell or Brinell indenters, surface testing may be considered non-destructive.

Microhardness testing may be performed on cross-sectioned specimens. The cross-section is polished and the indenters are pressed into the surface under calibrated forces that range from 100 to 500 grams. The indentations are measured to make the hardness determination.

Weld microhardness testing reveals the thermal effects of the welding process in the parent material(s), the weld material and the HAZ  (Heat Affected Zone) materials.

Both Knoop and Vickers testing methods are available.

Microhardness analysis is done according to ASTM E384 Micro Indentation Hardness of Materials.

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