Electrical Conductivity Testing (eddy-current)

Metaltest provides electrical conductivity testing for determining the electrical conductivity of nonmagnetic metals using the electromagnetic (eddy-current) method. This test is applicable to metals that have either a flat or slightly curved surface and includes metals with or without a thin nonconductive coating. Electrical conductivity testing can be used to determine: type of metal or alloy, type of heat treatment (for aluminum this evaluation should be used in conjunction with a hardness examination), aging of the alloy, and heat damage.

Electrical conductivity, when evaluated with eddy-current instruments, is usually expressed as a percentage of the conductivity of the International Annealed Copper Standard (IACS).

Temper Inspection of nonferrous metals
Temper inspection per BAC5946; using conductivity and hardness to confirm the alloy and temper for raw material and parts machined from material procured in the final heat treated condition. When applied, the hardness and conductivity values specified provide a high degree of confidence that the material satisfies the material specification requirements.

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