Alloy Depletion

Alloy depletion analysis reveals the depth of decarburization in steels. The depth of decarburization is the thickness of the layer in which loss of carbon has a significant effect on the properties that affect the functioning of the final component. The limit of this layer can be expressed as a Knoop hardness level and/or a carbon content.

Micro - Cleanliness

Micro-cleanliness analysis is used to evaluate contamination in the grain structure of steel. Contaminants, inclusions and foreign material in the grain structure will negatively affect the properties of steel.

Alpha Case

Alpha case contamination of Titanium alloys results from oxygen or nitrogen pick-up during heat treatment. This brittle surface structure is prone to microcracking, and reduces the metal's performance and fatigue properties.

Microhardness - Knoop & Vickers

Microhardness testing reveals the hardness of the material on a microscopic level. Generally used to verify heat treating, microhardness tests may be performed on the surface of the material or on...

Delta Ferrite

Delta Ferrite testing finds the percentage of delta phase iron inclusions in the test specimen. Excessive delta ferrite in the material may be detrimental to the material's properties. The point count...

Photomicrographic Analysis

Metaltest's Photomicrographs are highly magnified images of the specimen surface. Revealing details as small as one micron in diameter, photomicrographs are used to analyze metallic grain size, delta ferrite contamination, micro-cleanliness and any other microscopic structures.

Grain Size

Grain size analysis measures the grain size of a metallic specimen. An accurate assessment of grain size in the specimen is used to verify the effectiveness of a particular manufacturing process...

Plating Thickness

Plating thickness testing measures the depth of surface plating applied to the specimen. It is also used to measure the depth of nitrating, or white layer, on the specimen surface.

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