Metallurgical Evaluation

Metallurgical evaluation of the welded join can provide data on the grain size present in the welded areas, revealing damage due to over or under heating.

Bend Testing

Weld bend testing ensures the heat affected zone, as well as the weld itself did not become brittle during the weld process. Testing may include face bend, root bend or side bend...

Tensile Testing

Tensile testing of welded joints provides data on the tensile and elongation properties of the joint, the weld and the heat affected zone.

Impact Testing

Weld impact testing measures the strength of a weld at a given temperature. During the application of a single impact load (high strain rate), the energy absorbed by the test specimen is measured.

Weld Qualifications

Welding testing is available for both Weld Procedures and Welder Performance Qualifications. Each evaluation of your procedures or welders will provide actionable data by which performance may be enhanced.

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